How Koda Works

The Provider Experience

Koda Streamlines the Provider Experience.


Provider Sends Patient List

Your provider will send Koda a list of patients.

Koda Takes Over

Koda supports and navigates patients through the ACP process.

Documents Produced + Distributed

An Advance Medical Directive is produced, notarized, and sent to your organization as well as their Medical Decision Maker.

Patient Discussion

The provider discusses the plan with the patient and answers any lingering questions.

Provider Documentation

Our platform allows for easy documentation and billing (if applicable).

Modifiable + Accessible

If a patient chooses to edit or modify their document, the provider is notified.

Provider Portal for Population and Patient- Level Management

By digitizing the ACP process, not only do we make it really easy for physicians to introduce to their patients, but we are able to able to streamline the billing and documentation necessary for physicians – allowing staff resources to be allocated more efficiently. All while providing actionable patient and population level analytics.

Outcomes Providers Experience


Minutes Saved Per Patient


Cost Savings Per Patient


Touchpoints made on behalf of Provider

Insight from Partners, Patients, and Providers

Trusted by Leaders

“In many provider scenarios, the start of the ACP conversation is lost to follow-up. I was inspired by Koda as a platform that also embedded the necessary signatures to include having the document notarized. I thought that if we could achieve a higher percentage of our Medicare patients who are getting older to understand ACP and complete then we could honor their choices.”

Julia AndreiniVice President, Population Health and Primary Care at Houston Methodist

Valued by Providers

“[Patient name] passed away yesterday sadly. However, because of the conversation the niece had with the patient thanks to Koda, the niece was able to tell the physician to stop further aggressive treatment.”

Nurse CoordinatorHouston Methodist

Beloved by Patients

“Look, I know that physicians are concerned about customer service and how they treat their patients. To me, (Koda) was there, it was convenient, and it was just so easy. I want my doctor to treat me from birth to death, so this really showed me that he had a more holistic view of my healthcare.”

J.C.Patient, Aged 74

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