Your life, your plan.


What happens if you have a medical crisis and can’t communicate?
What if there are no medical care instructions to speak for you?

  • Your loved ones may be burdened by the decisions they need to make on your behalf.
  • Time can be lost searching for your plan information, and opportunities for treatment can be missed.
  • Your doctor may give you too little medical care — or too much — whether you wanted it or not.

Our Advance Medical Care Plan (AMCP) guides you.

Values-based questions related to your future care choices empower you to make the most informed medical decisions so that you remain in full control of your healthcare journey in any emergency circumstance. Your completed plan accurately represents your voice.

Highly Personalized

  • Reflects only your values & beliefs
  • Informed with your physician’s input
  • Integrated with your medical records

Simplified Process

  • Guided step-by-step
  • Clear & understandable
  • No trips to notary or lawyer

Secure & Accessible

  • Easy to edit
  • Portable, shareable
  • 100% legally valid

It’s free for Medicare recipients!

Under 65? Ask your health insurance provider if it’s covered.

[My doctor] thinks this is something good to have. I learned about it at the right moment, it came at the right time…

– Koda Patient

We make sure your plan will follow you so that others will follow your plan.

Our easy Advance Medical Care Plan (AMCP):

  • Is completed by you in a convenient online app.
  • Provides a single, legally valid and current document.
  • Is securely stored in the cloud.
  • Can always be accessed by the right people at the right time:
    your loved ones, health care providers, legal representative.

It’s simple!

Complete the digital form

Answer the preference questions when prompted, by yourself or with your provider.

Make it legal

Protect your document with our easy digital notary.

Share it

Give to loved ones and start the conversation about your preferences. Koda does the rest.

…if your health (or mind!) changes, you can easily change your document.

After notarization, we send out digital copies to anyone you have approved.

We help you discover what’s uniquely important to you.

You won’t get a cookie-cutter form. Every question you answer “teaches” the app your beliefs and values, making sure you’re confidently creating the most personalized and specific instructions possible.

I really enjoyed [being] able to have my document notarized over the internet instead of having to go in and do it with a notary in person or outside.

– Koda Patient

[Koda] handled things well. The process was very informative, done in a professional way – any questions I had were addressed well. I rate it as a first class service and I appreciate it so much.

– Koda Patient

Get control. Stay in control.

Let the Koda Advance Care Medical Plan (AMCP) help you have peace of mind.