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Two people interacting with tablet.koda-articles
October 19, 2021

Small Biz Insider: Health Tech Startup Strives to Ease Access to Some of the Hardest Conversations

A person is interacting with an iPad.koda-articles
October 19, 2021

Winner of Henry Ford Innovations Digital Inclusion Challenge Makes End of Life Planning & Advance Directives More Accessible

Image of doctor talking to patient.koda-articles
September 30, 2021

InnovationMap: Houston health tech startup using AI in palliative care scores $256,000 grant to test its product

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family member holding the patient's handarticles we like
September 9, 2021

Hospice Care Must Be a Choice Everyone Can Access

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September 3, 2021

Can Policy Help to Expand Advance Care Planning?

a nurse going over care plans with a patientarticles we like
September 3, 2021

Systemwide Advance Care Planning During the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Impact on Patient Outcomes and Cost