Ensure Continuity of Care for Patients.

Provide Advance Care Planning for your hospital system, ensuring the continuity of high quality care for your patients.

How Koda Benefits Hospital Systems.

Increase Overall ACP Completion

With Koda, your ACP completion rates will soar past the standard, increasing performance-based adjustment payments.

Achieve Performance Metrics

Easily achieve key performance indicators for hospital systems.

Understand Patient Preferences + Needs

Our platform provides you with patient preference data, allowing your organization to forecast and allocate resources.

Drive ACP Equity Outcomes

Koda's platform is proven to yield equitable ACP completion rates across ethnic and socioeconomic groups.

Provide Valuable Cost Savings

Proper Advance Care Planning yields substantial cost savings per patient.

Streamlined Process + Integration

Koda easily integrates into your process and systems, limiting the impact and operational burden on your organization.

Learn How Koda Works within Hospital Systems.

How Koda Works

The Patient Experience

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How Koda Works

The Provider Experience

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Koda in Practice:

Our Work with Houston Methodist.

Koda Health partnered with Houston Methodist Coordinated Care (the ACO at Houston Methodist) to provide this critical conversation to their most vulnerable patients.

The Problem.

Before Koda, they did not have the time, process, or resources to guide more than a few dozen patients through this critical conversation. As a result, Houston Methodist was concerned that many of their patients were not receiving goal concordant care at the end of life.

The Solution.

For patients, Koda’s proprietary ACP platform functions as a single-source to learn, complete, share, and notarize their care plans at no cost. For navigators, Koda’s administrative portal allows providers to track patient completion, intervene when necessary, and instantly share up-to-date plans to their EMR.

Koda’s Impact.


Minutes saved per Patient


Cost Savings Per Patient


Increase in Engagement

Insight from Partners, Patients, and Providers

Trusted by Leaders

“In many provider scenarios, the start of the ACP conversation is lost to follow-up. I was inspired by Koda as a platform that also embedded the necessary signatures to include having the document notarized. I thought that if we could achieve a higher percentage of our Medicare patients who are getting older to understand ACP and complete then we could honor their choices.”

Julia AndreiniVice President, Population Health and Primary Care at Houston Methodist

Valued by Providers

“[Patient name] passed away yesterday sadly. However, because of the conversation the niece had with the patient thanks to Koda, the niece was able to tell the physician to stop further aggressive treatment.”

Nurse CoordinatorHouston Methodist

Beloved by Patients

“Look, I know that physicians are concerned about customer service and how they treat their patients. To me, (Koda) was there, it was convenient, and it was just so easy. I want my doctor to treat me from birth to death, so this really showed me that he had a more holistic view of my healthcare.”

J.C.Patient, Aged 74

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