In a perfect world, all patients have an advance care plan in place.

Koda removes operational burdens and improves the entire Advance Care Planning (ACP) process, end-to-end.

We made it convenient, comprehensive and connected like no other platform. Now it’s easy for providers to empower patients to retain control of their care journey and preserve healthcare resources overall.

Koda’s digital platform provides a simple, guided and personalized experience for patients to complete their ACP.

Better understand your
patients’ values

  • Drive smarter engagement
  • Increase patient and family satisfaction

Standardize the ACP conversation

  • Minimal labor burden to complete the end-to-end process
  • Learn, notarize, amend, share, and securely access from single source

Deliver care that matters

  • Decrease ER visits and admissions
  • Support earlier referrals to hospice

Preserve valuable time, resources and costs

  • $10k saved per patient on average
  • Improve CMS Stars and HEDIS metrics

Koda provides a meaningful ACP experience for your patients while lightening the load for staff.

Working with Koda has allowed my patients to address difficult end-of-life decisions in a neutral, respectful, and comfortable manner.

Dr. Glenn Davis

Cypress Physicians Association

Koda ensures patient decisions will follow them, so that others can follow their decisions. We:

  • Reduce the barrier to engagement by providing summarized talking points.
  • Generate all necessary documentation for this reimbursable visit.
  • Facilitate Patient+Provider+Power of Attorney alignment. 
  • Manage the process from start to finish, so physicians can focus on treating patients.

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A broken process creates a costly headache.

  • Golden opportunities missed: physician discomfort with ACP conversations means few are had. 
  • Delaying the ACP conversation until a patient is critically ill leads to family distress, dissatisfaction, and unwanted healthcare for patients. 
  • Unwanted care costs payers and health systems over $100 billion annually in avoidable health care. 
  • For many people, legal forms about EOL feel intimidating, difficult and confusing so they delay or avoid acting on them.

Less than 10% of advance directives distributed are returned to medical providers.

80% of people surveyed said they wanted to talk with a doctor about end-of-life (EOL) care, but only 7% had a doctor actually do it.

Most advance directives on file are out of date or not comprehensive enough to be useful.

Every patient needs — and deserves — an Advance Care Plan

…but not every patient knows they even exist. Outside of the clinic, ACPs are often only familiar to those fortunate enough to have an estate planning attorney. Koda helps care providers bridge this gap in access in a highly effective way. Patients receive better care, doctors are empowered with the right information, and the entire process becomes more efficient and respectful.

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